A sole proprietorship is a business run by only one person that is not registered as a corporation or partnership. A sole proprietor is able to work as an independent contractor or operate a small to medium size business.

While running a business as a sole proprietor is one of the easiest and common things to do, deciding what to business to run can be a challenge. You must know which one suit you best and which one will actually be profitable. Luckily, there are many opportunities for those who willing to learn and to take a risk. Here is a list of 5 smart business ideas for sole proprietor:


If you an expertise or any good background in relevant to business knowledge, you have to know that there are many people who are always willing to spend money just to know what you already know. It will only oblige you to start contacting several businesses and contacts in your niche within the area you are expert with.

Web Outsourcing

Web outsourcing is another common business today. In this one, you have to pay to outsource your website service to a number of people who are web savvy and then sell their products or services to those are in need of them. There are a lot of outsourcing websites where you can do this like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and iFreelance where you are able to take your business to, in order to get the work you need to be done faster than you can!

Website Development

With the number of free tools and free courses you can find online today, building a website or a blogsite is not a very complicated thing to do anymore. If building a website is something you find interesting, this could be a quick buck generator by offering easy websites tasks to those who don’t have the time to learn the things you know.

Event Organizer

Do you have a talent for setting and organizing a party or an event? Do you flourish in the chaotic stress of handling people, fetching resources together, and contacting the right people to get what you need? If yes is your answer to these questions, then being an event organizer is a great choice. You also have to know that a lot of small to medium size enterprises frequently hold business events, conferences, and parties throughout the year and would be willing to hire someone to get everything set up for them.

Home Healthcare

The healthcare industry normally succeeds in both good and bad economic states. A lot of sole proprietors are looking to benefit from this constancy by opening up home healthcare businesses. A lot of these cater to senior citizens and disabled. The services commonly offered include cleaning homes, cooking meals, and helping with hygiene necessities.

What listed above is only some of the most common business ideas for sole proprietors. If you are serious about starting up your own business as a sole proprietor, it is best to seek advice from an adviser before making any major moves like investing money.

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