Should you do it Yourself or Hire Someone?

T here are a lot of web design platforms available today that let you build and design a website easily like WordPress and Wix. With these platforms, designing a website seems to be easy, but the question is… it worth it?

For someone to build a successful website, having a good understanding of the structure of web design, information architecture, and search engine optimization, on top of having the ability to develop web forms and manage technical abilities are all necessary. Trying to do the DIY approach would be resourceful, but if web design isn’t your field, you’re more likely to face different problems.

Before building your own website or hiring someone to do it for you, here are some things you must consider:

HTML skills

It’s not hard to learn a little bit about HTML, especially that there are a lot of resources online to teach you literally everything. If you know something about the basic codes, that would be helpful, but do you think you can make a website as professional looking as other websites you’re looking up to? You have to remember that the look of a website gives the first impression to your potential visitor.

There are a lot of reasons why hiring a professional is important, this includes the evasion of security loopholes in the codes you used. A professional can make sure that your visitors can read the content of the website no matter what browser or platforms they use.

Time and Money Savings

If you choose to use any of the free website builder platforms on the internet, you will probably happy to know that you’re saving some money. The question, however, is how much your time worth does? If you have a lot of time to spend making a website, then yes, DIY might be a better idea. For some people, however, time is money, and spending time on building the website rather than doing something more profitable would be such a waste.

Site Repairs and Maintenance

A good website needs not only a beautiful design and functional features. The moment your website goes up online, it will require constant updating and maintenance to make sure that your potential visitors comes back again. Even though it’s pretty easy to make a website using development software tools, they’re not going to be useful once your website encounters an issue. Code errors, corrupted database files, broken links, among other things, are some of the most common issues you may encounter.

So, unless you can easily troubleshoot and find a solution to these issues if they happen, it is best to have a professional to look after it constantly. Especially that a lot of web developers offer one year to a lifetime maintenance service if you hire them.


Comparing Do-it-Yourself and professional web developer is extremely important. Your time and money must be used as wisely as possible at all times. As you might already know, some things don’t appear as they seem. The same thing goes for web design. It’s a known fact that building a website on your own takes a long time to finish.

A lot of people who worked on their own sites ended up contacting professional web designers after a few months because they don’t attain their SEO goals or just realize that their website doesn’t look as good as they wanted it to be. Keep in mind that choosing either of the two would be an investment, now it’s just up to you which one you think would be wiser.

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